Fior D’Arancio Sweet Sparkling DOCG

Type: White Sweet Aromatic Sparkling Wine DOCG

Grape varieties: Fior d’Arancio (yellow muscat)

Area of cultivation: Euganean Hills Regional Park – Veneto

Soil: clay and calcareous of volcanic origin

Grape harvest: grapes picked up in the second week of September

Winemaking: soft-pressing of grapes, must decantation in a controlled atmosphere for 24 hours, slow fermentation at low temperature approximately 20 days.

Secondary fermentation: performed using selected yeasts. The re-fermentation takes place in about 25 days, higlighting the natural aromatic aroma if Fior d’Arancio, followed by others 30 days of pre-bottling. This operation called “short charmat” method gives the sparkling wine its characteristic of aromatic.

Alcoholic content: 6,5% Vol.

Color: straw yellow with light gold shades, fine and persistent perlage

Bouquet: intensily fruity bouquet, hint of orange and pink grape fruit.

Taste: the sweetness is well balanced by a good acidity and minerality. Persistent with citrus notes aftertaste.

Pairing: it goes well with cakes and biscuits, fruit tarts, dessert with custard and cream

Storage: it maintains its aromatic characteristics for 1-2 years; it must be kept, like each type of wine, in a cool place (under 18°C) and not exposed to direct sunlight or changes of temperature.


Package of 6 bottles 0.75 lt.: total amount 4.5 lt.
Dimensions: 21.5 x 33 x 29 cm
Total weight per package: 10.50 kg
Closure: snap closure with warranty adhesive seal

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