The Territory Wines of the Euganean Hills

How not to get enchanted and enraptured with the view of the Euganean Hills? These volcanic hills that suddenly stand out in the middle of the plains. Their origin began 43 million years ago with the first undersea outflow of lava and it continued over the millennia with eruptions of basaltic lava, rhyolite and trachyte, which have given the Regional Park its present fascinating shape.

The territory of Vo’, where Caferro is located, on the western slope of the Euganean Hills, is a symposium of vineyards and wine tradition, that kept improving its ancient agro-forestry vocation during the years and has become an important reference area in the cultivation and production of grapes.

The constitution of the Municipality (called Ca ‘Erizzo until 1933, as the noble Venetian family) dates back to 1902 and includes the villages of Zovon, Boccon, Cortelà and Vo’ Vecchio, as documented in written prior to the year 1000.

Here the climate is milder than the surrounding plains and onto the south-western slopes, where our vineyards are located, the sun rays come more direct and generously warm. A clay-calcareous terroir so sunny and rich of nutrients formed over millions of years, together with love, care and passion that we give season by season, allow us to obtain full-bodied quality wines, with a strong personality and structure.

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