The Vineyards in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills

Today Caferro covers an area of approx. 12 hectares of vineyards on the slopes of the hills that, thanks to the right exposure and their nature, give wines an important structure associated with elegance and freshness.

In recent years, a work of passion has been made to rethink the historical vines, reviving and replacing the bicentennial vineyards in the land property of the villa, with rooted cuttings obtained from historic vines of the estate.

A work of passion to rethink the historical vines

Among the international and native grapes in Caferro, Moscato giallo know as Fior d’Arancio stands out in its two greatest expressions of “passito” and “sweet sparkling wine”.

Among the red grapes, Raboso shines: it has been cultivated in Caferro for 60 years and its elegance and grit are better enhanced of drying and aging in barrel e tonneaux.

Thanks to all these attentions, Ferasin Daniele with the oenological experience can combine the winemaking tradition with modern oenology in order to re-evaluate the vines present and enhance, in this way, their places of origin.