Fior D’Arancio Passito DOCG

Type: Sweet White Wine

Grape varieties: Fior D’ Arancio (yellow muscat)

Area of cultivation: Regional Park of the Euganean Hills – Veneto

Soil: Clay and limestone of volcanic origin

Grape Harvest: Last fortnight of September, harvested by hand in crates, selecting the grapes

Drying: Natural air circulation until a minimum sugar concentration of 320 -330 gr./lt. is reached, corresponding to a weight loss of 50%; this ensures an adequate alcoholic content with a natural sugar residue of considerable importance

Vinification: Soft pressing of whole grapes, settling in a controlled atmosphere for 24 hours

Fermentation: The first phase of fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature until 6° alcoholic content is reached. Then must and wine mixture is transferred into 225 lt. barriques where fermentation is completed

Ageing: Once it has been cleaned with a single racking, the wine remains in the same barriques where fermentation is being completed for a period of about 15 months

Refinement: This requires the wine to remain in the bottle for at least 6 months, allowing its balance to be restored after the stress of bottling

Alcoholic content: 14% Vol

Color: Crystal clear, the shades of color are between golden yellow and amber, thanks to both long drying and ageing in oak casks. It tends to develop a deeper color

Bouquet: Intense and very persistent hints of honey, orange blossom and wisteria, accompanied by pleasant notes of nuts, walnut and cloves; in the finish, a light ethereal note derived from an initial process of esterification.

Taste: There is an even more sharp sensation of over-ripe fruit, plums and apricots, while the presence of spices, indicating good ageing in wood, can be barely noticed

Pairing: Excellent with dry cakes or biscuits, with ripened cheese and “mostarda” (Italian pickled fruits)


Package of 6 bottles 0.375 lt.: total amount 2.25 lt.
Dimensions: 31 x 16 x 23.50 cm
Total weight per package: 5.35 kg
Closure: snap closure with warranty adhesive seal


Dimensions: 8 x 27.5 x 8 cm
Weight per package: 0,92 kg

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