Gilbert & Gaillard – International Competition 2015

Caferro Extra Dry – 2013
Vin effervescent – Prosecco D.O.C.
Note : 85/100

Pale yellow with greenish tints. Intense nose of meadow flowers, hay and white-fleshed fruits. Light-bodied with beading driven by beautiful acidity. The finish is supple yet fresh and suffused with aniseed aromas and mellow coconut notes.

Caferro Pinot Grigio – 2014
Vin blanc sec – Veneto I.G.T.
Note : 83/100

Pale hue with greenish tints. Highly intense nose of boxwood, freshly-cut grass and lychee perfumes. Silky and light-bodied across the palate. Mellow finish driven by ripe pears. An accessible, enjoyable wine for the aperitif.

Caferro Noir – 2008
Vin rouge – Veneto I.G.T.
Note : 89/100

Beautiful dark hue revealing maturity. Expressive nose of dried fruits and plum with notes of roasted coffee, fig and refined spice. Full-bodied, robust, profound and saline palate displaying a beautiful array of aromas with freshness and energy. Ready soon.